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"Good Morning America" and flying on a beautiful evening

If you caught “Good Morning America” this morning, you may have seen co-anchor Robin Roberts take a flight with the now famous Captain Chesley  “Sully” Sullenberger.  While in the air, Roberts mentioned how she feels connected to her father, once part of the group of heroic Tuskegee Airmen, whenever she flies. And that she would like to learn how to fly herself.

At the end of the segment’s airing, Capt. Sully surprised her. He has paired her with a flight instructor who will give her that first flying lesson.

That brings back lots of memories — of taking flights with my own father.  And of my continuing efforts to learn to fly.  Last evening, I watched the sun set while flying a Cessna 172 near the Jabara Airport. It was a gorgeous sight and a beautiful night for flying.