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Renowned videographer in the Flint Hills

Most days I really like my job covering the outdoors.

Monday was one of those days when I really loved it.

I got paid to spend most of the day with Timothy Barksdale while he worked on a PBS documentary on greater prairie chickens. He’s been on the project for many months, shooting hours of video in the Flint Hills and several other states.Renowned wildlife videographer Timothy Barksdale is in Kansas working on a documentary on greater prairie chickens for PBS.We talked several hours about the on-going project and also in-depth work he’s done trying to video ivory-billed woodpeckers and some Hawaiian birds now extinct. Such works was for Cornell University, National Geographic and Animal Planet.

Barksdale’s research shows how far America’s greater prairie chicken populations have fallen since there were millions of birds in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri – all states now with only a handful of birds, at best.

But he still has hope for the species, especially in Kansas.

You’ll be able to read more in an article planned to run later this month.