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Braum's still plans three new Wichita stores

WICHITA — Readers have been wondering about the status of a few Braum's stores coming to Wichita.

"The economy must be getting better if that's the major concern," says Braum's marketing director Terry Holden, laughing.

As Have You Heard? previously reported, a Braum's will open on Seneca near First Street just north of QuikTrip. The Braum's on Douglas just around the corner will close when the new store opens.

There are also Braum's stores planned near Harry and Rock and just north of the Residence Inn by Marriott at Plazzio at 13th and Greenwich.

Braum's, which has 278 stores nationally, also has about 50 more in the planning stages, including the Wichita stores.

"I've kind of got a whole bunch of things hanging out there," Holden says."It becomes a choice. This year we're going to do this."