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The eaglet has hatched

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge has many claims to fame in the wildlife world. It’s a major stop-over place for high numbers of shorebirds, may hold a million-plus waterfowl and sandhill cranes for weeks in the fall. This spring it held an amazing concentration of more than 70 whooping cranes.

And how it’s the proud home of a newly-hatched bald eagle.

Biologist Barry Jones just made the announcement on an online birding site.

It’s a first for Quivira but isn’t too uncommon these days for Kansas. Last year we had more than 30 active nests. I’ll try to get a current number in the near future.

Several are on the Arkansas River between Wichita and Oklahoma. Most sizable lakes have at least one nest.

Biologist say there are probably several that have not been found or reported to officials.

Several years ago a buddy enjoyed watching an active nest in Marion County several weeks before it was “officially” discovered. He said it was the second year the nest was in that tree.

The nest at Quivira was reported to staff last spring but others said they’d spotted it in 2008. For those who want to see the Quivira nest, it can be viewed from NE 140th (the Sterling blacktop.) Jones said the area is off-limits to the public.