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Clutter Cutter will remain in business despite owner's personal bankruptcy

WICHITA — Clutter Cutter owner Pam McCutcheon has filed for personal bankruptcy with her husband, Todd, but it's not going to affect her business helping others get organized.

Her husband also owns his own business, Wichita Appliance Service, which also remains open.

"It was fabulous when the economy was fabulous," Pam McCutcheon says of owning their own businesses.

She says a small business is hard to have in a down economy, especially one like hers.

"One person's luxury is another person's income," McCutcheon says. "If you're choosing between paying the electric bill and paying to get organized, you're going to pay the electric bill."

She says she's made those kinds of choices too, such as giving up getting her nails done.

"It's just a trickle effect," she says of the impact on the economy.

At one point, McCutcheon had 12 employees. She says she whittled away at that number as the economy soured. Now, it’s just her.

Her focus is on personal organization only. McCutcheon doesn't work with businesses and doesn't think she'll expand to that area.

"Not really. I feel like we have a calling pretty much in residential."

She's hopeful that will turn around.

"I do feel like things are starting to pick up now."