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Wondering about the wind

Even when they were very small my kids knew daddy was addicted to watching the weather. My hourly check began with the creation of the Weather Channel. I’m deeper since I can check things like online.

And I’m seldom looking at temperatures and only give chances of precipitation a passing glance.

It’s all about the wind, baby. I need to know from what direction and how strong. No, I don’t care about current conditions and probably have tomorrow’s breeze forecast long memorized.

I want to know wind-speed and direction throughout the weekend and early next week. Give me an hour-by-hour prediction. I can handle a forecast that says “high winds” but how high and when do they kick-in? Will it at least be relatively calm until noon?

That’s because so much of what I do depends on the wind. All fall I need to know speed and direction to decide if I can go bowhunting and which stand to use. I want a south breeze to hunt the big oak, a northwest to hunt the 80 and a southeast to make the long drive to hunt Jerrod’s stand at our farm.

It’s the same with waterfowl hunting. Give me a north wind from 15-20 mph when mallards and geese are around so we can do best at Charlie’s dike blind near Quivira.

Calm conditions suck for hunting because ducks can land coming from any direction and deer will hear me entering the woods. My scent will also swirl about because it’s never really 100-percent calm.

This time of year high winds hamper fishing access and turkey calling. Boats don’t do well when the lake looks like the surf’s up. Turkey hunting’s no fun when I can’t hear them gobbling and the birds are super-nervous because they can’t hear well, either.

And today I’m checking over and over hoping winds will be low enough for me to give a patch of brome at our farm one last shot of herbicide so I can get it tilled and drilled with native grass and forb seeds.

And like farmers and rain I’m never totally happy with what the forecast says or how a day ends.

I’ve said things like “It’d be perfect if it was a tad more from the east-northeast” or “we could use about 3 less mph so the decoys don’t bob so wildly.”

Gotta go, though, haven’t checked accuweather since late last night, need to check the wind direction between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Saturday and Sunday.

Seriously, that’s what I’ll do next.