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Washburn's Zach Watkins signs deal with Vikings

ZACH WATKINSI knew Washburn LB Zach Watkins was going to get a shot somewhere — and it looks like it’s going to be in Minnesota as ZW signed a free-agent deal with the Vikings on Monday.

And I credit — along with Watkins’ natural skill, leadership abilities and four All-MIAA seasons for the Ickies — Sunflower Slate karma after ZW stepped it up and gave us one of our best Q&A’s during football season last year.

What are his odds of actually making the team? It’s 50-50. What he’s got going against him is he’s a little undersized to play LB in the NFL — 6-foot, 230 pounds during his senior season — but what he’s got going for him is that if he’s been a special teams guy all four years at Washburn, including being a long snapper. It’s also hard to gauge what a free agent’s prospects are for making a team because each team handles their FAs differently — some bring them in and give them a legitimate shot at making the team and some bring them in as cannon fodder and they never really get a good look. Here’s hoping ZW gets a real look.

Out. TA.