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Lawmakers still pushing quixotic amendment, lawsuit

The Kansas House failed three times to get the two-thirds majority needed to advance a constitutional amendment aimed at blocking federal health care mandates, and the proposal failed to get out of committee in the Senate. But Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook, R-Shawnee, is still pushing it. She made a motion just before the Senate adjourned this week to bring the legislation to a vote on the next legislative day, April 28.Meanwhile, Rep. Aaron Jack (in photo), R-Andover, and other House lawmakers are trying to force Kansas Attorney General Steve Six to sue the federal government over health care reform — even though most legal scholars, including many conservatives, think that such a lawsuit would fail. And even though a Kansas Health Policy Authority analysis of the Senate Finance Committee health care bill, which is similar to the new law, concluded that it could save the state $25 million to $50 million annually. So the state should spend money it doesn't have on a quixotic lawsuit over a law that could save the state millions of dollars?