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W.O.W. Cakes to open its first storefront

WICHITA — Almost a year ago, Pamela Pletcher started W.O.W. Cakes, which stands for World of Wedding Cakes, online.

Now, she's opening a storefront next to DeFazio's near 27th and Amidon.

Pletcher says it's all thanks to her online business.

"It has 100 percent financed me moving into my building," she says. "I haven't taken out any loans or anything."

Pletcher says she quickly outgrew her house, where she'd been making cakes.

"It wasn't very long before I started adding extra refrigerators," she says. "I couldn't keep up with the demand."

She already has 130 wedding cakes sold for 2010, with more coming every week.

"My phone just does not stop ringing," Pletcher says. "It's fabulous."

She's already talked with her landlord, Pete DeFazio, about possibly expanding into the space next to hers when the video store that's there leaves next year.

"We can just cut a whole through the wall," Pletcher says.

Her grand opening is April 11.

"I don't owe anybody any money, and I have my own shop. I'm thrilled."