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State says Connie's Cookies behind on taxes; Connie Hamilton says not true

WICHITA — Business may not be booming for Connie's Cookies right now, but owner Connie Hamilton says it's not so bad that she should be having tax trouble.

Still, records show she owes $17,772 in sales tax in $1,264 in withholding tax.

Hamilton says those numbers are inflated, and they shouldn't indicate that she's behind.

The problem, she says, started in 2008 when she switched from a sole proprietorship to a corporation.

"My tax stuff has been going in against the wrong ID number," Hamilton says.

"They were putting in against the sole proprietor number, which is now defunct."

Until two months ago, Hamilton says she had not received any notices that there was a problem. She started working with the Kansas Department of Revenue "just trying to figure out what was going on."

Then, she got a notice from the sheriff's office about a tax warrant.

"I was a little livid," Hamilton says.

Revenue department spokeswoman Freda Warfield says the warrant is valid, but she won't elaborate.

"They don't ever like to think that they made a mistake," Hamilton says.

She says she's now working with an attorney to clear up the situation.

Hamilton also is continuing to work on establishing her international sales business and her new cookie dough fundraising tubs.

"I will admit to you things have been a little tight because . . . of overextending myself and trying to grow," she says. "But it is all starting to pay off, so it's going to be OK."