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Just A Few Questions, Vol. III

I hoped to have a “Just  A Few Questions” and a “Talkin’ Explorers” up today with the Sioux Falls radio personality. But much to my chagrin, he’s actually not here this week. So one regular blog feature is all you get before today’s game, plus a recap with some of my thoughts after it’s over.

For today’s “Just A Few Questions”, I asked Michael Thompson, the team’s only Wichita resident (he’s lived here since 2008) to give his thoughts on some of the city’s most popular attractions.

Q: Intrust Bank Arena

I’ve spent a lot of time there. I’m always taking QuikTrip drinks to my fiancee (Taylor, a receptionist). I’m taking the dogs over there to see her when she’s on break or something, so I’m always over there. Still haven’t seen an event over there yet, besides the Thunder games, but I hope to make one one of these days. Maybe the Carrie Underwood one.

Q: Spangles

The commercials I find a little bit annoying. But I like their breakfast, ultimate bagels with a smoothie. I get those every now and then for breakfast.

Q: Old Town

My first year here, I was in Old Town pretty much every night. Lately… we live close to there, so it’s fun to go down there every now and then, go to the Pumphouse or to Heroes or Old Chicago. I like how there’s a lot more people hanging out around there nowdays.

Q: Exploration Place

I’ve actually only been there once. Taylor snuck me into a wedding her mom was a photographer at. It looked like a pretty nice place. When we go walking I see they have a little miniature golf course over there, but I haven’t taken my clubs over there yet.

Q: Sedgwick County Zoo

Zoo’s awesome. I don’t go to many zoos, but that’s got to be one of the better zoos I’ve seen. We’ve already been there like five or six times. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a good experience.

Q: Cowtown

Have not been to Cowtown. My parents have been to Cowtown. They said it was pretty cool, but I haven’t. We live probably two minutes away, but I haven’t been there yet.

Q: Warren Theatres

The Warren is a great place to get dinner and drinks and see a movie. I’ve never seen anything like it, where you can get your alcoholic drinks, have your dinner served, get dessert and watch a movie. It’s a fun place to go, especially having the $5 Wednesday movies. We hit those quite a bit.

Q: Kansas Sports Hall of Fame

(Wingnuts staffer Jerry Taylor) took me by two years ago. Looked like they have a pretty neat place there. I haven’t been there since, but it’s a pretty cool thing to have, just to load up on all that history in just one place.