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The best Jason Pierre-Paul story ... ever

The best Jason Pierre-Paul story ever, as told to me by Fort Scott Community College football coach Jeff Sims last night after the draft:

“So we’re playing Coffeyville a couple of years ago. It’s in the second quarter and Jason is playing really good and then he gets a stinger … but the thing is he’s never got a stinger before so he’s not sure what’s wrong and when the trainer comes out he starts saying ‘my neck, my neck,’ and once the trainer hears that, it’s basically the point of no return … you’re going on the board and they’re taping your head in so you’re immobile. Jason doesn’t want to do this, but he doesn’t have a choice. So they strap him to the gurney, lock the head in and the ambulance comes on the field and they take him to the hospital. So we go in for halftime and I tell the team he’s done and we’re moving on. Well about halfway through the third quarter I feel somebody tapping on my shoulder and it’s Jason and he’s like ‘coach, put me back in,’ but I tell him there’s no way. He’s done. You went to the hospital you can’t go back in the game. So he reaches in the side of his hip pads and he pulls out this piece of paper, and it’s a note from the doctor saying he can go back in. I call the trainer over and show it to him and ask if it’s legit and he tells me ‘well, if he’s got a note from the doctor, I guess he’s good,’ so I tell him to go back in but he says he doesn’t have a helmet because they cut it off at the hospital. So we scramble and take some other kids helmet and put him back in and he gets three more sacks and breaks two of his fingers on the last one. And we win. Amazing.”

Like I said. Best JPP story ever.

TA.PS. Think J listened to this song a couple of times last night? “…and since I made it here, I can make it anywhere…”