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Republican congressional candidates pledge their support for "tea party" ideals

Three of the four Republicans seeking their party’s nomination in the 4th Congressional District touted their credentials as “tea party” candidates during a campaign forum today.

Republican National Committeeman Mike Pompeo, businessman Wink Hartman and state Sen. Jean Schodorf all pledged some degree of allegiance to the movement that is built around demands for lower taxes and smaller government, along with opposition to national health care and the Obama administration.

Schodorf, R-Wichita, brought the most tangible evidence — a $35 parking ticket she got while attending the tea party protest outside Wichita City Hall on the evening of April 15.

Schodorf revealed herself as one of at least 45 attendees ticketed for parking at the Rounds & Porter building next to City Hall. The parking lot is permit-only and reserved for city government employees.