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Senate list of items contingent upon tax increase legislation

Below is a list of 15 items which lawmakers passed this which whose funding is contingent on lawmakers passing a $412 million tax increase package. Without the full tax package, increases lawmakers inserted will not be funded.

Lawmakers added about $40 million to the budget, the proviso is attached to about $32.5 million in spending increases.

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The items are:

1. Hospice Services Funding, $1.5 million2. Centers for Independent Living Funding, $750,0003. General Assistance Program Funding, $2.2 million4. Home and Community Based Services Waivers Funding, $3.1 million5. Mental Health Consolidated Grants, $5.9 million6. Mental Health State Aid, $2.6 million7. Review funding for the nutrition program, Home and Community Based Services/Frail Elderly Program and the Senior Care Act, $2.7 million8. Add the Telehealth Service to the HCBS/FE Waiver Program, $382,9009. Restore Senior Care Act at 50 percent, $562,87810. Restore PACE (Programs for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) at 50 percent, $175,00011. Forensic Psychologist Contract, $270,00012. Senate Committee Reductions – CP Posture Seating, $52,76913. Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative, $162,50014. Teen Pregnancy Prevention, $162,50015. Children's Initiative Fund, $12 million