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Around the American Association

Here is some offseason news from around the league:

Thanks to an ownership change, the Sioux Falls Canaries changed their name to the Fighting Pheasants. Except that a few years ago, the team sponsored a promotion that stated anybody who got a Canaries tattoo would get free season tickets for life. Not only did the name change make the body art out of date, the owner, Gary Weckwerth inititally said he would not honor tattoos-for-tickets. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending.

LaGrave Field, home of the Fort Worth Cats, and the area around the stadium was nearly foreclosed upon in February. Then, in March, it was announced that wouldn’t happen. At least for now.

The St. Paul Saints have employed a number of ex-major league players during their existence as an Indepedent team. Now it appears the Saints may get another. Scroll down to find the item on a potential Saints addition in Jayson Stark’s recent notes column.

Like former unsigned draft picks Luke Hochevar, Max Scherzer and Aaron Crow, James Paxton will pitch for an American Association team in Texas. But unlike those three, it won’t be Fort Worth. Paxton was the Blue Jays’ supplemental first-round pick last June.

Not long after the Lincoln Saltdogs won the American Association title, tragedy struck the team.

The Sioux City Explorers, a Wingnuts North Division rival, signed an ex-MLB’er of their own. If you’ve heard of him, I’ll give you 100 bucks.

OK, that last note was pretty weak. But I didn’t want to end on a downer, so there it is. The links will be a regular feature on the blog as long as noteworthy stuff keeps happening.