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Go West in justice selection

As President Obama homes in on a choice to replace U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, is it too much to hope he can find someone who didn't go to Harvard or Yale? "Without Stevens, every member of the court has attended Harvard or Yale law school," noted Timothy Egan, who blogs about the West for the New York Times and argues that the current court has "never met a corporation it has not coddled, nor a prosecution argument that does not have superior merit." He continues: "There is no guarantee, of course, that picking someone from another law school will change the troubling direction of a corporatist court. But new voices, schooled by professors from locales where life isn't always a bubble of fellow geniuses, is the kind of rejuvenation this Ivy alumni association needs." Egan notes that federal Judge Sidney Thomas, a law graduate of the University of Montana in Missoula who lives in Billings, may be on Obama's list.