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Talking with Pittsburg State's Kevin Muff

KEVIN MUFFI got a chance to talk with new Pittsburg State men’s basketball coach Kevin Muff recently, and I’m not exaggerating when I say dude has a momentous task in front of him as far as rebuilding the Gorillas’ floundering program. Not to say that it can’t be done, it’s just going to take a lot of work.

But Muff has the right idea.

“I’m looking for five starters right now,” Muff said. “They might be here right now, they might not be. Either way, I’m looking for five guys.”

And that’s the right approach, IMHO. You come in and you give the new guys the fairest shot you can — you clean the slate.

We also talked about recruiting the Jayhawk Conference — which can be a dicey proposition for coaches not familiar with the JuCo ranks, aka you bring in the wrong guys and they screw up your team’s chemistry. This is where Muff has a leg up, having coached the last 12 seasons at Cloud County Community College. That’s in Concordia, FYI.

“I’ll recruit the Jayhawk, sure,” Muff said. “But I want to make sure I bring in the right type of guys — guys that fit our program and understand what type of student-athletes we want here at Pittsburg State.”

Translation: No Knuckleheads.

Trust that this is a great fit for both parties –Muff, who played at K-State in the mid-80s, is primed for a gig like this. He’s ready. He understands the way the MIAA works. And, let’s face it, Pittsburg State has been terrible the last couple of years. I saw them play twice this last year and in no way did I think they were one of those teams that were bad because they dogged it — they played hard, actually — they just had zero talent. And therein lies Muff’s task.

“This is an incredible opportunity,” Muff said. “And the thing about me is that I’m not the kind of guy who will tell people that we’ll need to wait a couple of years to win. That might be our reality but I can tell you right now I’ll have a hard time accepting that. I want to win right away, not later.”

Oh, and please watch the video below. At least the first five minutes. Tell me if anything sticks out to you. I’m just sayin’.

Out. TA.