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Gov.'s hunt, day #2

4:30 a.m. and heading out again with Addy York, the young woman on the Governor’s Turkey Hunt. Again, great young woman. Her father, A.Y. York has gone to great lengths to make sure she gets to enjoy the outdoors.

Things were kind of slow yesterday. Guide Joel Pile took us to some places where he’d scouted plenty of big toms. But all we had by the decoys were young jakes and hens.

Oh well, today’s another day.

About 25 of 67 hunters killed birds today. One of six youth.

So far the hunt’s heaviest turkey was 23.88 lbs.

The longest beard was 11 3/8 in.

And the best over-all score is 73.125 inches.

Look for the final results on Sunday’s outdoors page.