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Let the hunt begin!

Up at 4 a.m. and headed for a much-needed cup of coffee, more breakfast than I should probably eat and then off on this year’s Governor’s Turkey Hunt.

I’ll be tagging along with 17-year-old Addy York, her father and guide as they try to get her a shot at a tom. Having met Addy last night I’d say any tom in shotgun range is soon to be the guest of honor at a York family dinner.

Amazing young woman, really. To look at her twisted body is to know the challenges she’s faced and is still facing. To listen to her speak, through a thick accent from the hills, is to hear someone who loves the outdoors and won’t let anything keep her from it.

You can read more about her on Sunday’s outdoors page.

I also spent a few minutes last night visiting with Gov. Mark Parkinson and Attorney General Steve Six. The Gov.’s honestly excited to try hunting and it sounds like he’s well-practiced with his shooting. Six is an avid outdoorsman and eager to try to break his string of bad luck on the past two hunts.

This the 24th hunt and I’ve been here as guide, hunter or journalist for at least 18 of those so I’m seeing  a lot of familiar faces.

Many guides are complaining they aren’t seeing many turkeys while scouting. Others are reporting the toms are gobbling well and really coming to calls.

Stay tuned for more updates.