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Governor vetoes late-term abortion bill

TOPEKA – Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat, vetoed a late-term abortion bill Thursday.

The measure would have increased reporting requirements for doctors performing late-term abortions.

It would also have allowed a woman, her husband or parents if she was a minor to sue a doctor if they believed a late-term abortion was performed illegally.

The measure, House Bill 2115, is likely to come up during the veto session, which starts April 28. The measure did not pass by veto-proof margins in either chamber during the regular session.

Below is Parkinson’s veto message:

"Kansas' current law concerning abortion was passed more than a decade ago and strikes a reasonable balance on a very difficult issue. I support the current law and believe that an annual legislative battle over the issue is not in the public's best interest.

"My view is that all abortions are tragedies, which is why I would encourage women who have unwanted pregnancies to consult with their partners, families, doctors and spiritual advisors. I would not encourage women to consult with state legislators, as this is a private decision and should not be dictated by public officials.

"Therefore, with respect to people on both sides of the issue, pursuant to Article 2, Section 14 of the Constitution of the State of Kansas, I veto S. Sub HB 2115."

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