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Arena's top draw in first two months? George Strait

Here are gross ticket sales and attendance for events at Intrust Bank Arena in January and February.

GEORGE STRAITGross: $1,259,197Attendance: 14,738Avg. ticket: $86

BRAD PAISLEYGross: $498,799Attendance: 10,084Avg. ticket: $49

WICHITA THUNDER Opening game gross: $99,099Opening attendance: 10,575Total gross (10 games): $355,101Avg. attendance: 4,542Avg. ticket: $9

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERSGross: $158,309Attendance: 6,709Avg. ticket: $27

FREE-STYLE MOTOCROSSGross: $136,672Attendance: 7,556Avg. ticket: $19

STATE WRESTLINGGross: $50,500Attendance: 6,693Avg. ticket: $8

LIPIZZANER STALLIONSGross: $49,954Attendance: 2,413Avg. ticket: $25