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Sheriff: Jail consultant's e-mail 'deceptive'

Sedgwick County Sheriff Robert Hinshaw says a jail consultant's e-mail telling commissioners that he would not share information was "deceptive."

He e-mailed commissioners about his concern Tuesday, a day before commissioners were to vote on whether to allow Justice Concepts Inc. to continue its work on jail overcrowding and pay it about $46,167 remaining on its  $124,616 contract.

Hinshaw pointed to a Sept. 23 e-mail The Wichita Eagle obtained in which consultant Nancy Insco told commissioners Kelly Parks and Gwen Welshimer "the sheriff, despite his vow to work with me, has now returned to his allegiance with the remainder of the staff. He will not now communicate with me, nor has not shared his presentation (9/15) with me nor the new recent budget request."

Hinshaw said he had not seen that e-mail until The Eagle's Web site,, published it online.

The same day she wrote commissioners, Insco had e-mailed Hinshaw a note with the subject line "Working together?" and said she was "perplexed as to your approach to bring attention to the numbers in the jail. In that regard, I finally received a copy of your presentation at the (commission) meeting from Bob Lamkey."

Lamkey is the county's director of public safety.

Hinshaw answered her Sept. 24, not realizing that she had e-mailed commissioners, noting that his presentation had been sent to her Sept. 16, the day after he made it.

He told her that to say she "finally" had received a copy of his presentation was a "mischaracterization."

After learning about her e-mail to Parks and Welshimer, Hinshaw sent Insco an e-mail April 6 pointing out the timing of the September e-mails and said "in my response of the 24th, I simply called this a mischaracterization of the facts. In light of the e-mail you sent to the commissioners, I now would label it deceptive. There are only two reasons you would do this — either to curry favor or to drive a wedge between local leaders. Which is it? Or am I missing a third possibility?"


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