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Poll shows most Americans willing to sacrifice privacy to increase air safety

Ninety-three percent of Americans said they were willing to sacrifice some level of privacy when they flew in order to enhance air safety, according to a survey by Unisys Corp.

It also showed that 65 percent said they were willing to cooperate with full body scans at airports; 57 percent said they were willing to submit to identity checks using iris scans or fingerprints, while 72 percent said they were willing to provide personal data in advance of air travel.

The findings are part of the bi-annual Unisys Security Index. Adults in 11 countries outside the U.S. also were surveyed. Citizens surveyed in the United Kingdom were the most accepting of full body scans, with  90 percent approval rate, the report said. Eighty-one percent of the Dutch and 70 percent of Australians were also in favor. The lowest rates were from Mexico, at 24 percent, and Hong Kong at 45 percent.

Security concerns were the highest in Brazil, followed by Mexico. The Netherlands had the lowest level of concern.