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Yard signs against child abuse

Inspired by our Thursday editorial expressing shock about recent child abuse deaths, Beverly Van Es (right) and her friend Lily Hill took inspiring action themselves. First Van Es called us to share her wish that the community could see a "blitz" of yard signs with a simple message to "be aware" of child abuse and call 911 to report it: "Just something to make people realize that they can help and what to do," she said. A day later, the enterprising grandmothers already had signs printed up. Want to help? Call 316-838-8601 or 316-943-1437. Van Es also suggested it's time for a reminder that in Kansas, a parent or legal guardian can surrender an unharmed 45-day-old or younger infant to someone at a fire station, health department or medical facility without facing any penalty. Kudos to Van Es and Hill for stepping up to help stop these senseless deaths.