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One birdy county!

For most of us it’s a pretty big deal to walk into our backyards and see six species of birds. At best we might remember 20-30 different kinds of birds we’ve seen on our block.

Well, one Wichita birder has tallied 380 different species in Sedgwick County alone.

That’s not a typo – he’s spotted 380 different species of birds within the confines of one lone county.

The guy is Pete Janzen, one of the best-known local birders who seems to get around a bit.

Monday the KSBIRD-Listserv, an online system dedicated to helping Kansas birders share information with others, listed total species found in all 105 Kansas counties. It also listed the birders who’d found the most species.

As well as leading the Sedgwick County count Pete had the first or second-highest totals in about 14 other counties. Not bad for a youngster…who happens to be about my age.

But far more impressive to me is 380 different species of birds in one of Kansas most heavily-populated counties.

380 – wow!