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Reb Boutique split leads to two new Old Town Square stores

WICHITA — Reb Boutique never made its planned February debut to sell textiles, clothing and furniture in Old Town Square.

Now, the collapse of a business partnership there is leading to two new businesses opening two doors down from each other.

Rebecca Simpson had planned to open Reb in the former Beadazzled space to the east of Caffe Moderne.

Glenda Sue Morris and her husband, AJ, were the money behind the business.

"The one thing that I told them is I want complete creative rights, period, and they just didn't abide by that," Simpson says.

"Sometimes if people have more money than you do, they feel like they have a right . . . to just take over. That's what I did not want to happen, but it did. It just wasn't theirs to do."

Glenda Sue Morris says that's a "very distorted" view of what happened.

"We backed her totally for four months," Morris says. "We had left her completely alone."

Morris says Simpson had been in the space since the fall but was nowhere near ready to open in February.

"We did not have any, any say in what she did until the first of February when we saw that she was sitting and doing nothing," Morris says.