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A few minutes with ... Cartier Martin

Cartier Martin has been all over the map since leaving Kansas State.

The former Wildcats sharpshooter has spent time in Turkey, Italy, been a star in the D-League and is now playing in the NBA. Martin just learned he will finish out the NBA season with the Washington Wizards, and is looking forward to doing so.

He's not sure what the future holds (hopefully an extended stint in the NBA) but he knows he will be playing basketball somewhere. It's what he's best at, and what he loves to do.

How does it feel to be back in the NBA?

It feels good man. Just getting another opportunity to show what I can do at this level. It’s one of those things right now where I’m still trying to get my foot in this door and be a contributor. It feels good to be back and have a shot to get back on the floor and play.

This is your second call up of the season, and you'll be with the Wizards for the rest of the season, but for awhile it looked like you were also called up by Charlotte. I got a news release about it and everything. What happened there?

That was (laughs), I guess they were putting something in the paper from last year. That was from last season when I got called up by Charlotte. I have no idea how that got out, but I was getting a lot of messages and calls about it. It hit twitter then the next thing you know I was getting all kinds of messages. It was crazy because they released it on the same date as last year when I signed with the Bobcats. (more…)