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NFL draft stock soars for Fort Scott CC product

JASON PIERRE-PAULSo probably the best thing about covering football in the Jayhawk Conference is that you know, each year, you’re getting to see a handful of future NFL players. Some years it’s pretty obvious who these guys are (see: Brandon Jacobs), and some years it’s not (see: Elbert Mack). Watching Jason Pierre-Paul play for Fort Scott in 2008, it was pretty obvious dude was going to the league. And now, with the draft just 12 days away, I thought it would be fun to take a look at where the 6-foot-5 (I’ll spot him that quarter-inch), 270-pound defensive end out of South Florida might end up — and because he’ll be either the 1st or 2nd DE off the board that also means a lot of $$$$$$$$. Like buy a Lamborghini and a house for your mama type $$$.

The Good: Scouts Inc. has JPP ranked as the No. 13 overall prospect and the No. 2 DE behind Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan, which stood up to most of the research I did as everybody had him just behind Morgan. I checked 10 different mock drafts and the lowest I saw JPP going was No. 24 to Philadelphia and the highest I saw him going was No. 12 to Miami. Most of the mock drafts had him going to Tennessee at No. 16. JPP is the kind of athletic freak that NFL teams covet off the end, and many have compared him to Jevon Kearse. His workouts have gone incredible, and his 45 tackles, 6.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in basically just a half-season of action at USF. Scary potential.

The Bad: He went to two junior colleges and only had one season of major-college football. He’s raw, yeah, but the athletic side wouldn’t worry me if I were helping make these picks. The stability would. There’s a reason dude was jumping around from school to school, and it’s up to these NFL teams to dig it up.

Where I think he’ll go: I don’t think he’s going to last past the No. 15 pick … my guess is he goes to Miami at No. 12, as the Dolphins have  shown extra interest in him as of late.

I’ll do something on draft day in regards to where JPP goes and if any other Jayhawkers or MIAAers or KCACers get drafted or sign free-agent contracts … would love to see some small-college guys get at least a tryout look for mini-camps and summer camp .

Oh yeah, and I’ll cook up a JPP feature in the next week or so.

And … I’m out.