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Might Moore make history?

National observers seem to think the decision by Stephene Moore, the wife of retiring Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Lenexa, to run for his job in November makes a GOP win in the 3rd Congressional District somewhat less inevitable. "This race will be the most competitive race in the state come November, but Stephene Moore still has her work cut out for her," wrote CQ Politics' Shira Toeplitz. "More specifically, she has to prove she isn't just riding on her husband's name to win a seat in Congress." She'll also have to beat the victor of a GOP primary contest, probably either state Rep. Kevin Yoder or former state Sen. Nick Jordan. Cook Political Report noted that "Republicans are already having a field day tying (Dennis Moore's) wife to his voting record, billing her as 'Moore of the same.'" If Stephene Moore pulls it off, might she be making history? Though nearly 50 women have directly succeeded their late husbands in Congress, neither NPR's Ken Rudin nor NBC's Chuck Todd has been able to think of anyone directly succeeding a nondeceased spouse in Congress.