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Everyone's frustrated about jail

Jail consultant Nancy Insco expressed frustration in e-mails obtained by The Eagle, complaining that Sedgwick County staff was uncooperative and a "boys' club." But staff and taxpayers are just as frustrated with Insco and her company, which the county hired nearly two years ago to reduce the jail population. Not only has the population increased, but Insco has yet to produce a written report. What's more, Eagle reporter Deb Gruver has seemed more successful than the paid consultants at identifying problems contributing to the jail's overcrowding. Commissioner Gwen Welshimer, who has been an ardent defender of Insco, may be growing frustrated, too. Welshimer had wanted the county to allow Insco to complete her work, but last week said, "I don't know we should do that. We'll probably just have to call it good." Cut the losses and end everyone's frustration.