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Obama still an unknown

Columnist Frank Rich marveled at how enigmatic Barack Obama remains 15 months into his legacy: "Depending on where you stand — or the given day — he is either an overintellectual, professorial wuss or a ruthless Chicago machine pol rivaling the original Boss Daley. He is either a socialist redistributing wealth to the undeserving poor or a tool of Wall Street's Goldman Sachs elite. He is a terrorist-coddling, ACLU-tilting lawyer or a closet Cheneyite upholding the worst excesses of the Bush administration's end run on the Constitution. He is a lightweight celebrity who's clueless without a teleprompter or a Machiavellian mastermind who has ingeniously forged his Hawaiian birth certificate, covered up his ties to Islamic radicals and bamboozled the entire mainstream press. He is the reincarnation of JFK, LBJ, FDR, Reagan, Hitler, Stalin, Adlai Stevenson or Nelson Mandela." In the end, Rich concluded, Obama will be measured by what he actually does, especially on jobs and financial reform.