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Stay-Fit Fitness Equipment to move, but not far

WICHITA — Stay-Fit Fitness Equipment, which is just across the parking lot from Paperback Emporium, is moving into the book store's space.

"We just feel like better visibility is going to help out tremendously," owner Dan Sharshel says.

At 2,800 square feet, Sharshel says the space is about same size he has now, but it's in a much better location.

Sharshel won't be moving in for two or three months.

"They're going to totally update the building for us," he says of the landlords.

He's already thinking of his next move, though.

"We need to double our square footage," Sharshel says.

He doesn't want to pay what it would cost to do that right now, but Sharshel thinks he'll be ready in another couple of years.

In addition to equipment sales, he says, "Our supplement business is really taking off, too."

When he makes that move, Sharshel says he'd like to stay in the same area.

"People know where we're at."