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Yuca Latin Bistro moves forward as Yuca Bistro, minus chef Jason-Paul Febres

WICHITA — Monday was supposed to be the grand opening of the new Yuca Latin Bistro, which Jason-Paul Febres and Roni Attari planned for the former Quiznos building on Tyler just south of Central.

The two chefs have parted ways, though.

"I'll be honest," Attari says. "It's probably better that we didn't make it to opening day.

"If there's a disagreement in the beginning, there might be a bigger disagreement in the end."

That's the one thing on which he and Febres apparently agree.

"We definitely have to be (on) the same page to open the restaurant," Febres says.

"We were ready, ready, ready to open," he says.

Food already was coming in.

The two couldn't agree on several things, though, such as a final menu.