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Yuca Latin Bistro isn't going to open, at least for now

WICHITA — Today was supposed to be the grand opening of the new Yuca Latin Bistro, which Jason-Paul Febres and Roni Attari planned for the former Quiznos building on Tyler just south of Central.

The restaurant isn't going to open, though, today or ever in that space.

"The unforeseen obstacle was an issue over the location," said Danielle Patton, a friend of Febres who also worked on Yuca, in an e-mail.

Patton said that "late Friday night Jason received news that location was no longer available due to landlord's family wishing to take over. Jason will open his own restaurant in the future and is currently looking for a new location."

For now, Febres wants to cook in people's homes, which Patton refers to as a rent-a-chef concept. He also wants to offer cooking classes.

Patton said Febres is disappointed but has learned a lot.

Febres "feels he went to an intense business school," Patton said.

"He has learned a lot and will be prepared when the right location is found."