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Evansville at Wichita State

WSU lineup: CF Hall, 2B Harbutz, RF Jones, DH Springer, C Lassley, LF Bennett, 1B Coy, 3B Goro, SS Grimes. Baez still out after having his wisdom teeth out earlier this week.

Nice weather today in Evansville, which means we won’t get a repeat of Gene Stephenson’s famous turn in the batting cage during a 2008 rain delay. I missed it, which remains one of my biggest disappointments as WSU beat writer.

The grass behind home and down the lines is brown. Heavy rains and a four-team tournament ruined it early this season. A few green patches survive. It won’ t affect play, but it’s ugly.

You will notice Johnny Coy making his third start at 1B, no surprise after he homered twice against Tabor. That highlights the way things have changed. Games against NAIA schools used to be a chance for reserves to play because they weren’t playing in other games. Now it’s a chance to move into the starting lineup.

SIU starts the MVC weekend with a 5-4 win over Bradley in 15 innings in Carbondale.

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