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Moose burger Mondays! (with recipe)

One of the perks of being an outdoorsman professionally and on my own time is a freezer full of great eats. In our 30 years Kathy and I have seldom bought meat unless it was already cooked and we were in a hurry. We mostly turned down offers of free beef when my dad was raising cattle.

We enjoy the healthy aspects  of game meat and have some danged fine ways to cook everything from doves to moose. The latter is something we have in copious amounts this year.

You may remember my tag-along moose hunt in Maine with Chris Tymeson. As well as a great experience I got to keep half of the meat from the steer-sized bull moose. That means we have more than 100-plus pounds of moose burger.

And that doesn’t suck. Moose meat is very mild-flavored and we like it even better than elk – and that’s saying something.

So, to make sure we work our way through the burger and don’t end up putting a huge amount into jerky we’ve decided to have moose burgers every Monday evening. Weather permitting I’ll grill them outside. If not, I’ll break out the George Foreman which is hardly a let-down.*

As we do with venison burgers we’ll spice the ground moose up a bit before it hits the heat. Very simply done.

1-2 lbs. ground meat (can be venison or if you’re slumming it – beef.)

2-3 tbs. powdered Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing or other seasoning. *

Thaw meat and press on a plate until about one-inch thick. Thoroughly  sprinkle seasoning over the burger. Fold one side of the meat over the other then thoroughly mix with your hands.

If possible, let sit an hour or so. If not, form into patties and cook. Be careful to not over-cook the patties so they don’t dry-out. Serve while hot.

* Other tips -

Frying in a skillet will work, though it doesn’t let the liquid drain from the cooking meat as on a grill. It helps if any fat in the burger drains off since the fat within wild game can have a strong taste.

Any favored meat seasoning will do. We’ve also  had good success with Montreal steak seasonings or from some home-made rubs. Just pick the flavors you like the best.

Enjoy. All we’ve shared the cooking style with have given good reviews.