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Three things Kansas State needs to improve in order to win the Big 12 Tournament

1. Change its motivation: As an underdog, K-State racked up wins against several teams it was not favored to beat. The Wildcats showed fire in those games, and wildly celebrated some of the victories. As a top 10 team, K-State took little joy in its wins, let down late at Kansas and lost inexplicably to Iowa State. Clearly, the Wildcats play better when they have something to prove.

2. Dominique Sutton needs to settle down: When Sutton is at his best, so are the Wildcats. When he shoots open three-pointers, drives the lane for dunks and stays out of foul trouble, he is a difference maker. Lately, though, he has taken contested shots and rushed layups. Because of that his minutes are down and K-State has been without its top defender for long stretches.

3. Stick with man defense: In an attempt to avoid fouls and prevent Kansas and Iowa State from scoring easy points around the basket in its past two games, K-State ditched its traditional man-to-man defense in favor of a zone. The strategy did not pay off. The Jayhawks and Cyclones kept finding the shots they wanted and handed the Wildcats a pair of defeats. In the Big 12 Tournament, K-State should stick with the defense it prides itself on.