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Brownback's basketball diplomacy

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., a strong and sober voice on the genocide in Darfur, offered a not-so-sober suggestion regarding a crisis brewing over the control of the enclave South Sudan. Foreign Policy blog described a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing last week with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in which Brownback lamented that South Sudan's government can't get attention in the United States or a meeting with President Obama. "I even urged them, I've said, 'Why don't you get a basketball team together and start traveling America with the southern Sudanese?' It's Dinka tribe-dominated — and they're very tall," Brownback said. "They've got 10 guys over 7 feet tall playing basketball in southern Sudan. So I'm saying just show up. You may get beat by 40 points, but everybody is going to say, 'Where did these guys come from?'"Clinton's response was "Mm-hmm," and that, yes, the Dinka tribesmen of southern Sudan are in fact "very tall."