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Justice Obama? Clinton?

When President Obama must nominate another justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, he should consider himself, wrote George Washington University law professor Jeffrey Rosen. "Though Obama has struggled to find his footing in the White House, his education, temperament and experience make him ideally suited to lead the liberal wing of the court, especially at a time when a narrow conservative majority seems increasingly intent on challenging progressive economic reforms for the first time since the New Deal." If nominating himself would be too much — and it would — "he could gamble and promise Hillary Rodham Clinton that he won't run for re-election in 2012 in exchange for a pledge of appointment to the next vacancy." It would be awkward for Obama to sit on a court alongside two justices, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, whose confirmation he voted against in the Senate. But it's not crazy to see Obama following the path of "William Howard Taft, who became chief justice after serving as president and decided that leading the court was a far better job than leading the country."Meanwhile, Daily Beast writers Mark McKinnon and Myra Adams recently nominated Clinton for the next court opening. "She's as smart and as qualified as any prospect her party could nominate," they wrote.