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A month's worth of snow this winter for Wichita

A trace of snow fell overnight in Wichita, making Friday the 30th day that measurable snow fell in the city this winter.

Most of the amounts have been miniscule – a trace to less than an inch – so the city isn’t likely to break any snowfall records during the winter of 2009-10. The total for the season so far is 13.2 inches, which is only slightly above normal at this stage of the season.

The National Weather Service doesn’t keep records of the “most snow days,” but a cursory check of the past few years shows no total approaching this year’s number. Wichita averages a little more than 16 inches of snow each winter, yet any longtime resident of Kansas will tell you those “averages” are nothing more than the midpoints of two extremes.

Those same folks will tell you that snow is common in March in the Sunflower State – and not even unheard of in early April. So don’t say farewell to flurries just yet.