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Kansas' statewide smoking ban exempts some areas

Here’s where you could and couldn’t smoke under the smoking ban the Kansas House sent to the governor on Thursday. The governor pushed for the ban and is expected to sign it. The ban would go into effect July 1.

Smoking banned

–public places

–taxicabs and limousines

–restrooms, lobbies, hallways and other common areas in public and private buildings, including hotels, condominiums and apartment buildings

–any place of employment

–access points of buildings and facilities

Exempt from ban

–outdoor rooms open to the elements

–outdoor areas of any facility beyond access points

–private homes except when used as a day care home

–hotel or motel rooms designated for smoking guests

–gaming floor of a lottery or racetrack gaming facility

–designated, ventilated smoking areas in adult care homes and long-term care units

–tobacco shops

–private clubs licensed by Jan. 1, 2009

–private clubs that are outdoor recreational facilities, have substantial membership requirements and set aside a designated area away from minors