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Firkin and Bull to close for good after Saturday

WICHITA — After the close of business Saturday, the Firkin and Bull at NewMarket Square will close for good.

"Two years of trying is two years enough," owner Paul Russell says. "No matter what advertising we've done, we haven't been able to bring the people in, so it's time just to move on."

While the economy is a factor, Russell says, "A big part of it is the misconception of what a pub is."

He says other than his place, there are no true pubs here.

"They are listed as that. They say they are. They are sports bars, and that's what people expect when they see that here in Wichita."

So when people came to Firkin, Russell says, they "were expecting the American sports bar."

"We were more family-oriented, which is what a pub is."

Russell says a lot of people never gave his place a chance.

"Unfortunately . . . the economy forces people to go with what they know whether it's a good value or not."