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A Capitol mistake: Is this seat taken?

WICHITA — A good PR executive has to be ready for any situation, but Kansas Masonic Home director of marketing Jill Laffoon was still a little stunned by a call from executive director Shawn Sullivan on Tuesday.

"How do I apologize to the Washington Post?" Sullivan asked.

"I'm like, 'Oh, my god, what did you do?' " Laffoon says.

Sullivan and the Masonic Home’s Matthew Bogner were at the U.S. Capitol with Larksfield Place CEO Valerie McGhee to lobby for health care on behalf of seniors.

During a break from one of their meetings, Laffoon says, they wandered into a hearing where "they quickly realize it's the Toyota CEO speaking."

And they were in a press-only area. Specifically, they were in seats designated for the Washington Post.

Laffoon says a security guard informed them of this "in maybe not as friendly of terms as we're used to hearing in Kansas."

Laffoon didn't think a formal apology was necessary. Instead, she used Twitter to tweet on behalf of Sullivan:

Sorry. We didn't know these seats were taken.