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Educational placard placed at Twin Lakes

By Wednesday or Thursday an educational sign should be posted near Twin Lakes.

Bob Gress, of the Great Plains Nature Center, said the sign provides some educational material for the many people at Twin Lakes to look for the area’s famed pair of bald eagles.

Gress said the sign has some of the basics of bald eagle nesting and behavior. Several photos taken at the lake by various photographers will also be displayed.

The eagles have been seen adding material to a nest over the lake. Gress said copulation has occurred at least twice. Nobody has reported any signs of eggs.

It’s not known if the two mature birds will try to raise a brood in the nest in the middle of Wichita. They may be making the nest for practice or for a place to perch and feed. Some experts have questioned if the nest’s size or very urban location lends to successful nesting.

Gress said the birds are seen around the nest most mornings. In times of bad weather they may hang in the immediate area later into the day.

Last year well more than 30 active bald eagle nests were located in Kansas, including several along the Arkansas River between Wichita and the Oklahoma border.