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Of sports shows, bass fishermen and birthdays

My knees are sore and my feet have a slight ache.

Must be the day after the sports show or I’m another year older.

Actually it’s both.

—Cuteness certainly ruled at this year’s Great Outdoors Photo Contest. Dan Witt’s photo of the tiny raccoon, sadly peaking around the top of a wooden fence post, dominated voting online and at the sports show.

Bald eagles continued to be popular with voters, too, as Brian Trimm’s shot of the mature bald eagle near the Lincoln Street bridge finished second for adults.

Congratulations to the winners and sincere thanks to the 450-plus who entered the contest and the many who voted.

You can see the winners of the adult and youth divisions at this link.

—Brent Chapman, Kansas’ top professional bass fisherman, also deserves congratulations for an impressive fifth-place finish at last weekend’s 2010 Bassmasters Classic tournament on Lay Lake in Alabama. Chapman weighed-in  37 lbs., 14 oz. of bass over the three day tournament.

Hopefully I’ll be able to land an interview with Chapman in the near future.

—Oh, yes, that birthday thing has come around again. No, it doesn’t really bother me because some number isn’t the same as it was yesterday. I’m in good health, my family is thriving, I have some great friends, a lot to look forward to this year  and I have a very good dog.

Life is better now than many years when I was younger.

How old you ask?

I kinda refer to it as 40-12.

Bests to you.