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Clarifying the Triple-A comment

I’ve taken calls about it. I’m scared to check Shockernet, because I’m sure it’s ablaze. WSU coach Gregg Marshall doesn’t need me to defend him. Since I was the guy who got the quote and put it out there, I will explain so as to head off any hurt feelings in these times when tempers are short.

Also, I’m in the Salt Lake City airport without much else to do.

Here is what he said after Saturday’s loss at Utah State:"The atmosphere is special. You talk about our atmosphere – whoa. We might be Triple-A."It was -  without question in my mind – a compliment to the Utah State fans uttered minutes after the game when the Spectrum crowd remained fresh on his mind. Nothing more than that. Marshall, on occasions too numerous to count, praises the WSU crowd lavishly. He knows what he’s got at Koch Arena.

What’s more – he is correct. Utah State people told me that was a fairly average night at the Spectrum. Koch Arena can compete as far as noise at peak times and fan loyalty. It doesn’t compete as far as constant level of racket, distraction, organization and cleverness. No place in the MVC does. I’ve been to Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri for a KU game, Syracuse, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Rockhurst-Benedictine and Carroll-Kapaun.  Utah State is right there with any of them. I’ve been to enough arenas to get jaded about students turning their back during introductions and waving their arms during free throws. Utah State fans are entertaining.

Marshall gave the Aggie fans their props. They deserved it. To read anything more into it is incorrect.