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Oeno Wine Bar to expand in Old Town

WICHITA — Oeno Wine Bar is expanding.

The Old Town bar currently has 3,500 square feet and a 60-seat outdoor patio.

Owner Melad Stephan is now subleasing an extra 2,000 square feet behind Oeno from Associated advertising next door.

He'll use 800 square feet for a party room.

Stephan isn't sure what he'll use the rest of the space for.

"I've got to figure out, what's Old Town need?"

That could be a small grocery, which Stephan says Old Town sorely needs.

"It has to be the right spot."

Or he may turn the space into a smoking lounge.

Stephan also now will be able to extend his patio even further for another 40 or so seats.

He says that will allow him to hire regional music groups that draw more people.

"That's going to be a huge patio."