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Holloman & Gantt ... what's the big deal?

“I’ll tell you what the big deal is! They’re cheating! They’re doing whatever it takes to win Region VI! I told you Steve Eck would do this!!!!!”

-Real caller to my office line, circa 4:30 Thursday afternoon. Also, in response to me saying “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Here’s the latest, in case you didn’t know: After lengthy suspensions, both Garrius Holloman and Adonis Gantt are back on the men’s basketball team at Hutchinson Community College. Both former City Leaguers played in Wednesday’s win over Barton. So I’ll give you one reason why it’s a big deal, and another reason why it’s not in regards to what I told The Caller.

It’s a big deal because it means, if both their heads are in the right place, the Blue Dragons have a shot at winning Region VI. Which is why Eck is in Hutchinson in the first place. No amount of hand-wringing and complaining on the part of fans from other Jayhawk teams is going to change that. You’re mad they’re back? I’m guessing CE could care less. Which leads me to my next point.

How is it, without knowing exactly what they did, can people be so upset about them coming back? I have somewhat of an idea, yes, but nothing confirmed. And regardless of what they did, my understanding was that they were going to be allowed back on the team pending some sort of public mea culpa. And at this point, having missed almost half of their team’s season, haven’t they been punished enough? They’ve cost themselves immeasurably when it comes to recruiting — possibly the difference between playing at low to mid-majors on the Division I level to dropping down to Division II or NAIA. If your argument is that Coach Eck will do anything to win and this proves that, well then my response would be how do you know that it wasn’t the kids that asked to be let back on the team when they saw their squad struggling? There is too much grey area, right now, for any of us to talk in absolutes.

Both played about six minutes on Wednesday, but expect that number to go up in a hurry. Holloman is the post the Blue Dragons were lacking and Gantt is the extra guard they desperately needed.

Anybody else ready to hit Koch Arena?


Ps. My grama’s favorite song.