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Restriction on abortion coverage was absurd

Once again, what many lawmakers say in support of limited government and the free market has failed to apply when the issue involves abortion. State Rep. Peter DeGraaf, R-Mulvane, proposed an amendment, which the Kansas House approved, prohibiting insurance companies from including abortion coverage in basic medical plans. Such coverage would have to be purchased separately (as if anyone plans to have an abortion). But unlike past debates, this wasn't about the use of taxpayer money. This prohibition would have applied to private insurance companies offering plans to private businesses and individuals that are paid for entirely with private money. Fortunately, the absurdity and intrusiveness of the mandate became clear as other lawmakers proposed amendments prohibiting basic plans from covering smoking-related illnesses and erectile dysfunction medication, and the legislation was sent back to committee.If lawmakers want to head down this path, there is no end to the moral mandates they could pass, such as prohibiting any basic plan from covering contraceptives or paying to treat HIV/AIDS. Or if they want to stick with tax dollars, how about prohibiting cities from maintaining roads in front of abortion clinics?