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Parkinson: No secretary of state pick for 10 days

Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson said it will be at least a week and a half or so before he announces the state’s new secretary of state.

Parkinson said he’ll consider members of both parties for the job, which opened up Monday with the resignation of Republican Ron Thornburgh.

Many expected Parkinson, a Democrat, to appoint a new secretary this week, but he said he’s taking his time to en-sure he makes the right pick.

“I don’t have a specific date,” he told reporters during an impromtu press conference this morning. “The criteria is quite simple: We have to have someone who is competent and who can run the 2010 election.”

Parkinson also said he’s pleased with the Democrats’ new candidate for governor, state Sen. Tom Holland of Baldwin City. He noted that Holland has experience in elected office — and a background of owning a successful small business.

Parkinson called Holland “a great state senator" who would "make a great governor.”

And he said he thinks it’s “hilarious” that many Republicans still suspect he’ll change his mind and run himself.